St. Petersburg Festival Orchestra

The St. Petersburg Festival Orchestra is one of the top orchestras in St. Petersburg. It was founded in 2001 by Swedish conductor Kristofer Wahlander. Consisting of over 70 young professional musicians, it has become widely known for its exciting concerts of the hightest class and it regularly performs with world-class artists such as Peter Jablonski (piano), David Walker (countertenor), Ville Rusanen (Baritone), Federico Mondelci (saxophone) and Craig Ogden (guitar). 
The St. Petersburg Festival Orchestra has recorded Tchaikovsky's 5th symphony on the La Forza label and was one of the main subjects in the one-hour documentary 'Music - a matter of life and death' by Swedish Television - SVT.

"In his [Kristofer Wahlander's] interpretation of Tchaikovsky, one can not only feel the intellectual and philosophical introduction that is characteristic for western European performance practice, but also the openness and emotions that are typical for the Russian School. And Wahlander is not inhibited by stereotypes:
His performance sounds fresh and something in this music will be a discovery for the listener."

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"There is no lack of ideas or dedication. The orchestra's feeling for the music is there and the energy is significant."



Listen to an excerpt from the recording of Tchaikovsky's 5th symphony on the La Forza label (mp3).

In the hall of the Mountain King from Grieg's
Peer Gynt
(mp3 - 2,6 Mb)

The Three Wonders from Rimsky-Korsakov's opera Tsar Saltan (mp3 - 6,8 Mb)